Monday and errands

We slept long today, since it was a busy day yesterday with the sale!

But loads to do, we had to go to the post and we got my new IPhone X! EXCITED!!!!!! THANK YOU ❤️FRANCOIS❤️

The we had to go to Geneva for some more errands! While I was waiting was well taken care of while waiting for ❤️Francois❤️

Btw, I was in town today in my JEM pants in black! Gucci socks, Chanel shoes, Monclear jacket, pink Dior bag, pink Gucci scarf!

Then the stables! CHRISTMAS SWEATER ON🎅🏻🎄☃️🎁started to ride Duc! He had a day off yesterday, and was very happy to work today! I worked him in a low shape, he was light in the mouth and well balanced! Was in the stables late today and had tons to do, so the riding did not get top priority today! Next was Alf’i! Was thinking he would be insanely fresh, cause of his day off yesterday and how cold it is today! But he was perfectly behaved! Rode him also long and loose with out putting any demands! Picsou! Sorry about the very boring blog post! Will do better tomorrow

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