Saturday, home almost all day, and new nails for New Year

Woke up at 3 in the morning, needy and wanted cuddles and cold water from the refrigerator. Bless ❤️Francois❤️ who takes so good care of me! Like late last night when he drove me home from the restaurant, made sure I was safe in bed and went to get the doctor to see me! I am so lucky to be his 💑

So fall asleep after a cold water and cuddles and slept to 09.00

Had a long breakfast together with ❤️Francois❤️ in front of the tv watching Pretty Women

Then I had to go sit in the shower to get the steam for my lunges for a long time!

Slept more, got dressed and went to the nail lady! Outfit Missoni sweater, Christmas Chanel cardigan, bag, shoes and bracelet

My nail lady Malau even bought a pair of JEM L pants! She looks great 😍 This is how my nails turned out and my Christmas watch

Got home and slept some more while ❤️Francois made dinner! He went to the gym a lone while I was sleeping some more. When he got home I had made dessert and now we are watching “There’s something about Mary”

So no horses today, doctor said no stables dust in my lungs, not to go out but stay inside the whole day!

So I’m just filling up with some old pictures! Here’s ❤️Francois, Kanouk and me after we been NR 3 in the Friday night class! Look how proud the 3 of us are Me and Cham being NR 2 in our first 6 bar together Duc and me in Oliva Alf’i and me in Olivia

Tina, Alf’i and me

Ice Tea Tina and me after doing some shopping Pool time in Oliva

Me in Arezzo Kanouk and me in Drammen

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