Wednesday and horse trying

Woke up early and went to the airport!

My outfit: JEM L pants, that I made for this reason! So cool to just go to the airport with them as “normal pants” and then just change in to your riding boots and WOW the pants are ridingpants!

So JEM L pants, red and green Gucci belt, socks, bag, pullover, shoes and scarf Okey, maybe the pullover is more green and pink 😉🤨🤩

Matching it with my red Monclear jacket

I had to take two planes to get to the horses I tried! Here’s some pictures of them

After trying horses all morning I had some Mc D at the airport

It has been a lot of wind in Switzerland so the plane I was suppose to take was over one hour late!

While I was waiting for the plane I sewed some Swarovski crystals that I had ordered on eBay on my flag hats! How do you guys think it looks? To big? Or perfect? One of them is not finished yet though!

Anyway, I missed my first connection, and when I landed in Zürich I had 15 min for my next plane that I was rebooked on was taking off, not 15 min to boarding but 15 min go take off! So by the time I had got out of the plane it was already time for take off for my flight to Geneva. Luckily the plane waited for me!

When I got home me and ❤️Francois walked to the restaurant, or I run two rounds! Even though it was snowing☃️it was nice to get out after all the waiting!

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