Thursday and ☃️

Started my day with doing some paperwork together with ❤️Francois!

Then we both went out for one hour long run for me and walk for him in the snow!

I was soaked in sweat and snow when I came back! But it was really good!

After that I had some errands to run before I went to the stables!

Up with us it was snowing and in Bex it was pissing rain! So riding inside it was! Normally I don’t mind being out in the rain, I prefer good weather but I really like to ride outside! it have been raining non stop two days in a row so the paddock was just to wet!

Poor Niki was not feeling well today, tooth pain again and fever! Feel better soon girl💖 I had brought her a special Lindt chocolate from my trip yesterday, so that brighten up her day a little at least

I started with Alf’i! He was actually really relaxed and super today! Worked a lot on the right turns! Look how cute he is, looks a little worried Looks happy my outfit, JEM L ridingpants, Parlanti Passion boots, Kep Italia helmet, Gucci scarf , Miller jacket with PRO HORSE logoNext was Ice Tea! A lot of putting him in the correct balance! He wanted to balance to much on the bit today!

So then I have to make a transition and lift him up Next was Picsou! Walk 30 min, Trott 13 min and walk again

Then Duc, he was great today! Don’t think he ever was this soft in the left side before! Happy!!

Then Calla. She was wild 😂 really need to get out and gallop a little! But okey, she was good after half a hour!

Been to the gym with ❤️Francois I did the 10 min jogging and the interval training on the treadmill! Then I did 20 min cross trainer and my normal exercises to strengthen my core!

Now in the evening we have had a really good dinner, and now we have loads of work to do with Pro Horse!

So sorry that I did not write loads about what I did with the horses today

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