Saturday and Sunday

So where should I begging!

So me and Francois slept a long time! Pancakes for breakfast and then I went to the gym for 40 min. Just cardio!

Then stables, started with Duc, Niki was not feeling so good so she did not want to ride on Ice Tea today! Really grateful that she came out to help anyway!

We did try to do the minimum to make her day as easy as possible! And I helped out also!

Here you see my outfit! JEM Navy ridingbreeches, Chanel pullover and scarf, Gucci belt, KEP ITALIA helmet, and Parlanti Passion boots , Duc and I was schooling him over poles and small jumps! Since he has not jumped in a long time he was very excited to do the small jumps, he really was running to it! Making huge jumps over every pole! I am so happy that he was happy, but he had to listen also! So I gave him the 1000 transitions, the jump one pole or small jump and walk! He quickly catch up with his polite manners and was a good boy

Next one was Ice Tea! We did this exercise Did 6 strides between the cavalettis, or it’s a up and down between the Cavalettis! And then I rode 6 strides to the next two cavalettis!

The two first went great, and he landed in perfect balance and was waiting the 3 first strides, the 3 last strides he got a rocked in his ass and made a run for them! Took a long time to train and a lot of transitions and circles to get him to wait! It went good a couple of times in the end! But this need to be a lot better ASAP!

Then Alf’i! He was very fresh since he did not work yesterday so I let him loose a little in the big pad before riding ! it started to rain a lot when I was riding him, but I keep my focused on making him go forward! Rain and a lot of wind makes him a bit nervous, so I made him really gallop and as loose and low I could in front!

My next horse was Picsou, we staid in the indoor! Walked him 30 min and had a love stream with Instagram! Then on Picsou and trotted 15 min! Walk 30 min after

Last one for me to ride today was Calla! It was a jumping lesson inside so I decided to go out in the rain! Calla was well behaved! We did the same exercise as I had with Ice Tea! And she did great! Waited and did easy both 5 and 6!

Home and went to the gym with ❤️Francois! Did 25 min on 13 elevation and 5.2 in speed! ❤️Francois had a surprise for me after the gym! We had already planned to go out in Lausanne in the evening, and also see Winston Churchill at the cinema! So ❤️Francois had put a surprise laid out on our bed it was a new Chanel dress and necklace, and of course I put it when we went to town! Had w wonderful time with ❤️Francois in Lausanne!

So Sunday: Traditional protein pancakes in the weekend After eating I went to the stables! We had planed to jump, but at home it was snowing and when I called Niki she told me that it was raining in Bex! So decided together, me and ❤️Francois that flat work today also and jumping when the weather is better!

Started with Duc today also! Checked out that the stuff we practiced on yesterday was good today! And it was! He was super Next was Ice Tea! My outfit, JEM L ridingpants, Hermès belt, Burberry pullover, Louis Vuitton. Scarf, Kep helmet and Parlanti Passion boots ! We also did the same as yesterday, and the first time I did the cavalettis and the 6 strides he did it perfect! Moved on to practice on two small jumps, got the problem a bit back here. Sometimes he landed in cross canter and then it’s difficult to regulate the strides, cause the balance is not the same as when the horse is galloping good! Had to first make him land in the good canter, then a circle, then the last jump. Could do it quitegood on 6 strides after loads of work!

So, Alf’i! He was calm today after all the galloping I did yesterday! Today I also did the poles with him and he did easy 5/6/7 strides! Very relaxed and super! We was soaked though after training

Next was Picsou! We had a live with insta today also! When she had our 30 min walk before riding! 16 min Trott today! Rained a lot when I was riding himBut it rained even more when I was riding Calla! So much rain! She was good but was not a long session today with her When me and Calla came back Picsou was ice’ing his legs in the solarium! Calla getting a real good wash to get the sand off I cleaned the saddle, first saddle soap and then akeneMe and ❤️Francois went to the Gym and in the evening Simone and Yves came to eat with us! I made dinner 😉

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