Thursday and gym x 2

All the horses jumped yesterday they had a clam day today! We on the other hand had to get up early cause we both had a doctor appointment at 08.00.

After that we went home to chill, and did some errands + went to the gym! I did one hour cardio! 15 min running + 10 min interval training (also running) 20 min walk fast up hill elevation 13 and 15 min cross trainer!

At the same time the horses got new shoes! Or Alf’i, Ice Tea, Calla and Jill!

After that ❤️Francois had to go to Lausanne and I had to go to Geneva!

I just had to drop off some papers and do a signature while some one official was watching, so not things that takes a lot of time, therefore I decided to go in my riding clothes! Outfit: JEM ridingbreeches in Navy, Hermès belt, Cavalleria Toscana pullover, Louis Vuitton scarf, Parlanti Passion bootscheck out the pictures! Really bright light outside and snow at the same time. Like the sun is on but snowing! Quite war also! +1

So to Geneva, complete my errands and head back direction the stables

At the stables I basically just walked Picsou and checked that the other horses were okey! They had a well deserved day off after the jumping yesterday!

I did ride Ice Tea, because I have a lot to work on with him for the moment! The balance in the canter must improve to improve his jumping! Ice Tea eating his supper outside! now I have just been to the gym for the second time today! 20 min cross trainer followed by some abs!

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