Friday and the movies

❤️Francois has some errands to run and we had to go and just check the car! And wash it! I am SOOOO PROUD of this car!!!!! We could have gotten the Maserati levante, and it would have been cheaper to buy itbut I mean! The Mercedes AMG, see me us this car and try to pass us, then you better have brought your A game with a HUGE engine. I mean, I was driving the Ferrari Super America and ❤️Francois was in the new Mercedes, let’s say he accelerated faster than me! Sorry about all the car talk, but I am really in to cars! Already looking forward for the car salon in Geneva!!

So after that I went to ride! Niki and Picsou was in Dalchenhof so I started with Duc alone! We also had a little live stream while I was brushing him! It was a bit frozen outside so I started to ride him inside before we went outside to ride in the forest! It’s a little slippery outside so I could not go full speed! We galloped a lot but in moderate speed! He was happy and well behaved! When he starts to get tired he wants to get hot and hide behind the bit. So it was super for me to be outside with him and be able to just lift up my hand and keep going! Cause he’s using that trick with me when we are jumping for the moment also! Next was Alf’i! We rode a little in the big pad before heading out in the woods! Alf’i had a day off yesterday and I wanted to ride him a bit loose before going out! So loong neck, nose out! Still need to work on the right turn though! the out in the forest! He has just been out once this year because of the weather, and that time was together with Ice Tea. So Alf’i was not sure it was not sure it was a good idea to go out. He was more like, I really enjoy the riding house and the big paddock, so let stick to those two! And just have the variation one day inside on day outside. And be happy and safe with that! I was like come on! It’s a great day to go out in the forest! He was like: then we at least should bring Ice Tea and Niki! For safety purposes! They are both higher than us two, so we can be safe behind them!

I did manage to talk him in to going! And we had fun! So that was good! We rode a way where it was dry and I wanted to do full speed, but I was interrupted by his slide stops and sudden jumps to the side when he thought he saw, smelled or perhaps heard the four legged shark. A couple of more forest rides for him and he will be to busy having fun then thinking about the shark😂

Niki and Ice Tea meet us on the way back and we walked home together! Some dressage and forest riding was up for me and Ice! Here’s my outfit! JEM ONE SEEM ridingbreeches, Kep Italia helmet, Parlanti Passion boots, Ralph Lauren pullover, Louis Vuitton scarf, Gucci beltso some dressage first with Ice Tea, really have to make him wait, then activate the canter and make him wait again! We had a good ride in the forest afterwords!

Last for me to ride today was the Giraffe! Same program for her! Dressage in the big pad and then some forest riding!

Went to get groceries, and directly to the gym! It’s a strong man competition there this weekend and all the lockers and changing rooms was not open, so had to do some cardio in my riding pants! Went good!

Home, groceries in, shower and my outfit: Chanel boots, cardigan, earrings/necklace, mission top and skirtwe saw the film 3 billboards, ❤️Francois chose it and it was a very good film! He knows movies!

Niki also camewent to get some nachos after

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