Thursday and cold

Started the day with cardio mountain, but was a bit late going from home so I really had to run the first part! Did not even meet the train, and that’s a sign that I’m late! The upper part of the mountain was really slippery!And these guys was back! Was so tired the last part, but knew I had to keep the phase up to catch the train! Was sweating, but oh so cold on the train! Made it!

When I got down to the car I had to go for a drive to get warmed up before going to the stables! Had the heat on full, and went to Starbucks! In the stables I started with dressage on the Giraffe! Just low and long after jumping yesterday! She was great and calm!

The geldings I rode dressage on!

And yes, Picsou got a real looong grooming session and a new head color!White moisturizing hoof cream

posted loads of riding pics on my story! But here are some more!

did a little shopping with Niki today also! Got this Super man costume, and thought since I’m gonna do a whole day of “unicorn” I will wear this one over my ridingpants a whole day in summer πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Was so cold when I came home that I had to change my clothes, put wool clothes on and my bath robe, went under a blanket and watched Swisscom tv with Francois!

In the evening we went to the gym! Here is a picture of mountain walking clothes! Thermo tights from Addidas, two layers of Kari Traa, and a Armani down running jacket

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