And of course a little EXTRA LOVE for everybody!

So me and ❤️Francois woke up and gave each other the cards and presents! And snuggled a lot!

Here is some of what he got!

I got the Valentino dress 😍 TO EMPHASIS HOW KIND AND THOUGHTFUL FRANCOIS I! i have wanted the Valentino dress for a long time, at one point ❤️Francois and we was in Geneva and I tried it again for the second time, he said to me we take the dress! But it was expensive like F… so I rather took he glitter Chanel boots, Gucci shirt and skirt, and half of the big Lady Dior. So I rathe took all that and left the dress. I really did not think I would get the dress cause these high couture things sells out quick since it’s not a lot of pieces made! But he did it! Got it for me behind my back and now I have it

it has this collar, you can use it or remove it

Dior bag

Dior cardigan

After breakfast we went to ski! TOP CONDITIONS

Telecabine view 🇨🇭SWISS 🇨🇭 ALPS

Afterski cakes and cozy time

Went about 40 min to the gym before we hit the spa! Today Hermes bikini

It’s two outdoor pools, one more like a exercise pool, ❤️Francois did many laps there back and forward!

We went to our room, relaxed and got ready for dinner!


Cozy time by the fireplace in the bar, with live music in the background

Now I’m going to read my Valentine’s Day card from ❤️Francois to me one more time for today! Cause the text was so beautiful!

And yeah, two new horses on the way to us

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