Friday and all day in the stables

Was home so late last night cause of a traffic jam that took over one hour to get to our house!

Niki had the day off so me and ❤️Francois went to the stables to do the 7 horses alone!

He started with Jill and I started with Teddy! Teddy was first a little bit wild and after some longing very well behaved! So happy with him! Did not get any pictures of him because the paddock was very wet and he was a bit everywhere, so for not loosing him or the phone it had to stay in the pocket.

Next was Picsou! He got to use my new eskadron boots I got for Christmas ❤️Francois took a chill in the car

Picsou was super today’s! Feels fresh

Next was Quin! He was PERFECT! Did some light dressage and a walk in the forest look how pretty! He has got the old bridle if Kanouk! next was Alf’i, he saw the shark everywhere today, and it was raining at that point! Hahah! What can I do, just got to be positive and love him!

Then Duc, galloped a lot with him and the same with Ice Tea! Also gave Ice a hair cut

Quin in the paddock

Went for a walk and had Teddy a little loose in the round pen in the evening

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