Sunday 🐴🦄🐻 riding and cinema💑

My Sunday started early, and I like to sleep in with ❤️Francois when we don’t have any special plans in the weekend.

But Niki was sick today also, so I had to get going!

Started with Jill! She was happy, and I was happy to be with her! Very positive horse

Next was Duc! Me and him went for some interval training in the forest! We both got full of mud but had fun! and yes, wanted to tips you guys that you can buy “work man gloves” to use for riding at home! They are super and cost about 3 euro Next was Quin! We are testing new bits to find out what me and him would like the best when we jump! I did not jump anything, but while trying a bit I get at least a feeling of if it will work or not. Today’s bitme and Quin rode dressage first in the big paddock and I think he really likes the bit! We do a lot of things to get to know each other, changing the rhythm, moving him sideways, specially from the left leg. And so on after dressage we went for a forest ride! He was a bit suspicious but very nice! Back to the big pad to get treats Next horse was Teddy! And her is my outfit: JEM ONE SEEM ridingbreeches, Fendi pullover, Hermès belt, Parlanti a Passion boots, Kep ITALIA helmet, Chanel scarf ! The # of JEM One seem is : #JEMONESEEM🐴 (no space to the 🐴)


We went first for a forest ride! He was very kind and brave and went everywhere u wanted without any protests! after that we had some dressage followed by jumping this vertical one time! I have to get used to him and he need to be used to me! I would like that he can canter shorter faster strides! Will come

After Teddy it was Picsou! Walking as normal, had a Instagram live session. And some trotting and gallop! He is such a amazing horse! Love to be with him and ride him and take care of him! Next was Alf’i! Had the draw reins on today, since I expected he would Probably smell the 4 legged shark today! And he did ! But only in the beginning, afterwords I could take them off and he was the perfect pony!

Me and ❤️Francois had ticket for the cinema at 18.50 I thought! So I asked Alex to ride Ice Tea cause I did not have more time. And rushed home to pick up ❤️Francois at the gym so we both could go home and shower, for a romantic date! I picked him up, and when we got home I saw that the film started 20.50. Sooooooo very gooooood of me! Hahaha!

I went to the gym for one hour. before I got ready and went towards Lausanne! Wearing my New Dior bag from Valentine’s Day, Chanel boots dinner

And a movie

Haha! Saw this one on instagram! 4 legged shark is appearing everywhere 😂

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