Monday, jumping and Geneva 🙋‍♀️

Me and ❤️Francois went together to the stables today! Jumping was the plan!started with Quin! And here’s my outfit:

JEM ridingbreeches in Navy, Burberry pullover, Louis Vuitton scarf, Hermès belt, Kep Italia helmet and Parlanti Passion boots

Me and Quin are still getting to know each other, jumped a course with jumps from 125 to 145. He was really great! His owner from he was 3 to 7 told me he did not like the martingal when he was a young horse and refused to walk with it, so I’m testing if he is having the most fun without the martingal next one was suppose to be 🐻Teddy! But he had roled a bad way in the box and had gotten a wound. So no riding for a couple of days for Ted🐻

Took Ice Tea instead! And he was a very good boy today! He waited for me 90% of the time! And we had a course with 3 strides to a double, normally when he sees that he gets a rocket in his ass! But today he was top ❤️Francois was really happy with him and gave him loads of carrots then Duc! He was relaxed and working really good already from the warm up! Practiced some turns with him and he did it perfect! Also the whole course without being to hot! I’m very happy with him I had a doctors appointment in Geneva so after Duc I had tot go! had a quick stop at IKEA to get some Swedish specialties! Niki was back to work so she took care of the horses and showed them to vet Daniel Weiss that came to check them today! That’s why I did not ride Picsou! He had a planed vet check today! Important to follow up! All was good, but poor Teddy needs one week of walk because of the wound

After doctor on my way home

When I got back from Geneva I went to ride Alf’i! I just did it myself, since I had no time to ride him before the doctor! Worked him without pressure low low low!

No shark today! He was good!

3 thoughts on “Monday, jumping and Geneva 🙋‍♀️”

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