Wednesday and snow boots

Cold today, and loads of snow! My uggs snow ridingboots have come back out and also my thick Monclear jacket! Outside our house this morning Had to go to the jeweler in Vevey, cause the lock of my gucci bit bracelet keeps opening up and I don’t want to loose it! So a security lock must be put on!

Since I already was in Vevey I made a pit stop at Starbucks! Even brought some Frappochino for Niki! Haha, she and Alf’i was out walking when I came to the stables she and Alf’i was out on a little walk Niki tacked up Alf’i, and I brushed and cuddled Picsou

I mean he is so cute! I always think he has the personality of a fox! Because in Norway we say a fox is smart and he has his way of getting his way! You know getting what he wants! And just like that Picsou is!

So I rode Alf’i first today! It was not frozen but very very very wet outside so I rode first in the forest a little and then inside. I don’t like to ride inside so much, but what’s best for the horse is best ! My outfit! JEM navy pants, LV belt, uggs, Cavalleria Toscana sweater and Kep ITALIA helmet! Alf was really fresh today, and getting around the arena was a challenge at first! But he was good when he relaxed. A great tip is to never get angry with the horse if he is to fresh or un concentrated! Just keep your focus on how you want him to work so you work on the right things and don’t get hung up on fighting with the horse!

Next was Duc! I work a lot on the quality of the canter! Riding up against the mirror making sure he was straight, feeling him pushing with the hindlegs in my fingertips, that goes to a soft mouth! He was perfect today!

Then Ice Tea, forest first and then working on long big powerful strides in balance! Both in Trott and canter! He was a bit stiff in the right side today, so I did a lot of side movements to get him loose! Important to remember that if the horse is strong and stiff on one rein, the problem does not come from the mouth, so pulling more won’t help, you must make him soft from the body!

Quin had a walk in the forest today, and Teddy got his foot stuck in the Haynet so he has only hand walking the whole week!

after the stables I went to get some groceries, for me and Francois! And then cardio! Everyday is leg day for me! I did a little different routine today, I am tired so I run (mostly) half the way up and then I run on the places where it was flat on my way down! It was getting dark so I saw this beautiful Christmas tree And a star near the castle Really tired when I got home, we had some warm soup and then I was ready for some gym time! The evening will be spend watching a film and taking a warm bath together

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