Thursday, Fifty shades Freed

Straight away to the stables this morning! And started with Picsou! The normal, walking him 20 and trotting after!

Niki came out with Alf’i and we switched when I was done with Picsou!

My outfit! JEM L (125 euro) , KEP ITALIA helmet! This black with brown leather visor is my favorite for the moment, Gucci pull over, scarf and belt, ugg boots

Alf’i was really SUPER today! Totally relaxed and I could ride him in a low shape in walk, Trott and gallop and also changing the rhythm in Trott and gallop

Next horse was Ice Tea!

We had flatwork and ride a course of poles! So we galloped over poles that I pretended to be jumps, and rode them them like jumps! I variated the strides between the poles and the speed also!

Next was Duc!he had the same work as Ice Tea! He was very nice and easy to ride!

Niki walked with Teddy and Quin, cause I had to go to the doctor again.

When i was finished at the doctor, i went back to the stables and picked up Niki! We went first to get some new head colors

All horses got new head colors and I am very excited to give them to the horses!

Kept driving to Geneva! This is what I was wearing! Hermes bag, Christian Louboutin custom made shoes, made specially for my feet! Very comfy! Burberry scarf, fake fureChanel cardigan, missioni skirt and top! Trying on some crazy Gucci glasses!Got two very special items! and headed to the cinema to see fifty shades Freed

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