Started the day in the stables!

First was Duc! He posed on the outfit photo with me and also with Niki! I am wearing JEM black riding pants, equiline pullover, uggs, Louis Vuitton belt, and Kep Italia helmet! pants beautiful with the small pockets in the back

Niki is wearing Bordeaux JEM pants So I started with Duc, and Niki rode Ice Tea around in the mean time! Ice Tea and Alf’i is in such a good shape, so they need a lot of exercises!

Duc had a hard day today, really focused on the quality of his canter! Important, he can easy canter in 4 “steps” instead of 3 “steps”! What I mean with that is this; when you ride left canter the canter start with the horse: RIGHT HINDLEG, So in one moment of the canter your body and the horse body has all his weight and balance on the outside hindleg, that is right hindlegs in left canter, then he moved over to at the same time share the weight and balance between left hindlegs and right front leg, the movement finish by putting all his weight on the inside front leg that is left front leg. So that is 3 different movements. So when I collect him I have to be on him so he does not canter in 4 movements. He got really sweat

So when Duc was finished, Niki had been like, cantering Ice Tea around at the same time, well. – Duc was soaked and i was riding around in “the Duc cloud” of fog 😂, Ice Tea was not even warm!

Niki took Duc to the stables and I continue to ride Ice Tea. I am working on this gallop also, to be able to carry himself in big powerful strides at the same time as he wait for me! Simone has just had a lesson so this little exercise was there! Me and Ice Tea jumped it a couple of times Next one was Alf’i! I rode him HAARD yesterday, so today was more of a relaxing day for him! I had the draw reins on, because I wanted him to relax fast and he does that with them on. I don’t usually ride with draw reins, but you guys know that if he was spooky and I want to give him a calm day, it would not be possible. Because then I would have to ride until he was so tired that he did not care to spook, and the whole point of yesterday and today would have been waisted! So with the drawreins on, he relaxed straight away!

Quin had forest ridingand teddy had walking because if the wound after the Haynet

After the stables I went for my cardi walk, took a little different route than normal and ended up on this road! I actually have done this way before. So I half knew my way! And that’s good, since you have to cross to rivers! this road does not work well when it comes a lot of snow!

Me and ❤️Francois when to get groceries and then I made lasagne again! Now I have found the PERFECT mix of everything! ❤️Francois LOVED IT! And so did I

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