Me and ❤️Francois started the day with skiing! Check out my sweet ski underwear with small bling on!

Ready to gowe took the train up!

Although the weather was not the best we had a blast

We headed back around 12.30 and I went to the stables

Well what I did in the stables you can see here:

We are also busy teaching all the horses to go on the treadmill! Here is Picsou in action! He gets triple therapy with Ice from the Ice Vibe on , the Vibe on in the ice Vibe boots and the treadmill yes, he’s also walking up hill!

In the evening Gym! Really recommend these tights from Aimn! Must be the best and coolest I have ever had!

1 thought on “A NEW VLOG”

  1. I love those workout pants in the last picture! I totally want to get them and flirt with all the boys at the gym hahah.


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