Saturday riding inside

Was a little bit out with the horses around midday but my day most Ley looked like this:

Started with Duc! Dressage! Loads of focus on being active and relaxed! I worked his left side that is more stiff than the right side on both hands! Meaning I also keep his next a little to the left even when I’m riding on the right! Not all the time though, but I’m sure you understand Next was the Ice Machine! He had dressage also! Really low shape today, no demands only to be calm and stretch out! Niki got some fun shots at me 😂and the usual me and Ice Tea looking very beautiful smiling with ears forward😂 #goofy Next was Teddy! We did like this, 8 strides faster 8 strides slower! And his shape had to be , head up and nose out, of neck down and nose out! Tried to avoid nose in!

Then Picsou! Took outfit pics just before we went for our walk! JEM ridingbreeches in Bordeaux! Equiline pullover, Louis Vuitton belt, Kep Italia helmet, Ugg boots same same with Picsou, walk riding walk! I enjoy it! Really! He’s so cute

Next one was Quin! Dressage also! He has a thing he tries with me, like this: when he is in the perfect shape he wants to trott slow, then I ask him to activate and trott faster with more suspension and then perfect shape goes away! Got better in the end! Could do both

Last horse to ride was Alf’i! What can I say! He had a very very good day, totally focused on me and not a 4 legged shark in sight! Had Jill a little loose in the indoor also! Aha was happy for about one round before she wanted to go home she is such a friendly horse!

dinner out with my 👑KING❤️

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