A summary of a couple of days

I will make a quick summary of the days!

Anyway hers me and Quin Outfit JEM L ridingpants Gucci long sleeved t-shirt, Gucci cardigan, belt and scarf! I don’t have so much to say about that day there! I rode dressage on the horses and they were all really good! Did some shopping, bought a cable for the truck and this rugand this hoodie sweatshirt

Next day! Also dressage on the horses today! Here’s me and Quin again! Wearing JEM ridingbreeches in Navy my new sweater from Gucci, Gucci belt, Kep helmet and Parlanti Passion boots

Next was Duc! Had to work him quite hard to get him on his hind legs! Then Ice Tea! Same job for him! Had to activate him and keep him light in the mouth last one to ride was Teddy, a bit stiff in the right side but better in the end I hang up the mascots for Teddy! I hand up the mascots for the other horses yesterday but I did not know if Teddy would eat them so wanted to hang them in the day first to monitor him I wear my new jacket from Parlanti and the awesome Fabrizio Perinelli! The jacket is GREAT! Stylish, light, and stretchy! You can use it as a fashion jacket to town! In the stables and even compete with it! you can contact him for questions or orders! Both on Instagram and Facebook

I went to Cannes to visit and do some shopping with my awesome jacket what I got today

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