Monday, jumping and dinner in Lausanne

We went to the stables all together this morning!

Started with Duc! Jumped the gymnastic line and some single fences! The ground in the big pad is not fixed yet, it’s okey but not 100% so we did not do to much! Duc was really good today! Motivated as always! Easy to control and jumped really good❤️Francois was very happy with us both

After Duc it was Ice Tea’s turn! And WoW! He was such a good and calm boy! Jumping the gymnastic line down to the in and out gate and waiting, not even knocking down one pole! Really happy with him last to jump was Teddy! Today was the first time for him trying the gymnastic line! We had the jumps really low and the V poles totally on the side in the beginning!

He was totally calm, or he was maybe running a little bit in the end of the line, but he understood it good! Next time we will do a little higher! Al about being confident and making it easy for both me and him!!

Me and ❤️Francois had a meeting in Lausanne, but I had time to ride a little dressage on Quin before we left! He has been walking for one week since we had changes the angles of his hoof/shoes quite a lot! Did it do much, just 20 min walk and 20 min trott! He was on his best behavior!

Here’s my outfit: JEM ONE SEEM black/pink riding breeches, GUCCI pullover and belt, Chanel Scarf, Parlanti Passion boots band KEP ITALIA helmet!

Off to Lausanne with my 👑KING❤️did our errand, and we went for dinner and also had time to walk around a little! I’m wearing a Gucci dress, Ted Baker coat, Louis Vuitton scarf, Dior bag, and my custom made Louboutin shoes I still had Picsou to ride so we made a quick stop by the stables so I could ride him on our way home! Me and Picsou had a live session with Instagram also check out @tinadrift in JEM ONE SEEM black/pink riding breeches

And my old riding teacher and extra mom from when I was a little girl, Vera Aspeslett also with JEM ONE SEEM black pink

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