It’s going to be your turn

Sometimes when things are not going so well as you hoped it’s easy to loose confidence and be discourage. You see other people around you doing well while you are constantly having that one or two down no matter how hard you try. Sometimes you even see people make huge mistakes and the horse just saves them, they are clear and wow! But still then it’s not okey to be jealous, according to me. You should rather let it motivate you!

When I was growing up and started to work as a rider, I worked at a place in Norway that had very very rich customers! If a horse did not go top a better replacement horse would come! We are talking about the coolest horse equipment, the most unbelievable trucks and the best clothes and cars! Many other girls was jealous of this lucky girls, and many talked bad about them. I was maybe the one that had the least, but I have my parents that loves me and I only admired their horses and cool stuff, I always wished them well and thought one day I will be this lucky!

Today I fell so blessed to have the love of my life ❤️Francois! And I would choose him over anything and anyone in the world! He takes care of me, defends me, pick me up when I’m sick, motivates me when I’m down, wipe my tears when I cry and is happy when I’m happy!

this is him when me and Picsou has been clear all ranking classes and GP qualifiers and placed nr 6 , 3 weeks in a Row in the Championstour in Vilamoura! When we came back with the truck! He was so Proud and Happy

He also gives me a lot of things also! And I am very grateful for that too. And sometimes I feel like I just aren’t good enough. Maybe I make myself feel this way? But I really want to be! Cause ❤️Francois is one of those guys that is good in everything! He speaks 8 languages, he is a top business man, he knows all about cars, horses, and everything that is gong on in the world and everything in the past.

So of course one of my biggest wishes is to make him proud of me.

For example, he has a friend who also has a younger girlfriend that rides. ❤️Francois fried always criticizes me when we all meet. Himself buys regularly horses for his girlfriend with the price of 1 mill euro. And this is what he thinks of me.

  • In don’t have a cool enough watch, meaning it’s not enough diamonds on it
  • My bags are ugly
  • That our horses are not good enough and we need to buy new once
  • We need to buy new horses and ❤️Francois must pay 20 000euro so I can ride at a 5* show
  • That my dresses are last season.
  • So what I have a ferrari, i don’t have a private plane

Anyway, this does not make me sad, not at all, i take it like a joke, and I am so happy for them that they can do the things they wan to do and what makes them happy! So that’s super! I always cheer for his girlfriend when she rides and I wish them both the best, and I let her motivate me to be as good!

Of course sometimes it’s hard when I feel that I’m not making ❤️Francois proud. Like this weekend, I have been doing my best but knocked one or two poles down every round.

I been clear only twice, once with Quin and one time with Teddy. At the same time other people are taking chances, flying around the course with high speed and air over all the jumps, when I just try to do a steady clear and still have one or two down. Aaaah! All I can do is just to go home and train, be happy for the others and try to do better next time!

It’s also the fact if you have one super super super star horse, like I have Picsou!

When that horse is going and you are making Grand Prix results every time, it boosts your confidence and it lifts the whole team of horses up one level.

What I’m trying to say, we all go trough that. And it’s no point of envy the people that we feel have “more” than us, cause they have days like this also. When it comes to horses, the more expensive horse you get the level of expectations also rises! So if someone invest millions of euro in horses for you the expectations of your results are also high. If you or the horse for some reason have a bad day, their might be huge disappointments not only from yourself but also from the people that support you. Even though it should not be! Cause everybody can just do their best, and even though you have a horse for a million it’s not a machine, and a human is a human, so no matter what it can go perfect every time!

So even though you can be disappointed or sad, remember to stay positive and keep working! Your turn can be right around the corner!

5 thoughts on “It’s going to be your turn”

  1. You’re such a positive person Eva! I’ve seen you work so hard that Monday and you even got time for us! Only one word: respect for you and François. Your such good people and I know it.😘

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