Friday, loads to do!

My day started with going around the whole VD to get the plates for one of the Ferrari! They live in a garage so when the cars goes on winter holiday ❤️Francois gives some office the plates! Today I went for the first time to get them myself, haha, a bit confused! ❤️Francois wanted to stay home and watch a big cycling race that came trough in the Village we live in!

I made it but it took me from 08.00 in the morning to about 12.00! Next year I understand the system!

Tina tiny ton ton ton and Linn went with the horses to dalchenhof to get new shoes

When I had got the ferrari out from the garage I went to the stables

At the stables i went for a LOOOONG walk first with Alf’i and then with Teddy!

Then a training flat with Ice Tea

Alf also got a session on the treadmill! I doubt I can start ride him next week, he has been standing still for over 2 weeks cause of the lunge inflation and he is still not fresh and does not try to run or brake free when I’m walking him! Anyway, fever is gone, so that’s positive!

After I rode Quin, dressage today! Tried another bit again, 3 pice inside the mouth half Pessoa! He really seemed to like it! I trained a lot of galloping forward, being straight in the body and still be relaxed and good in his shape and in my hand! He can tense up when I activate him and go forward at the same time! But today it went better

Next horse to ride was Ice Tea again! This time I went for a forest ride My outfit, JEM L ridingbreeches (125 euro) Hermès belt and scarf, Burberry longe sleeved t-shirt, Kep Italia helmet and Parlanti Passion boots

Went to get some strawberries for tomorrow’s protein pancakes breakfast, and when I got back, Picsou and Duc was back also!

Rode Picsou a little bit! Not long, not hard, but wanted to move him a little! His showing was PERFECT as always from them and he feels great Tina was walking her Horse Laziano a little! Picsou likes him

This evening i have cut the strawberries and now I’m going to prepare the pants orders that have been placed today so I can ship them tomorrow morning !

Thank you so much for all the kind comments about the webSite

BTW! Look at this! So beautiful!


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