Sunday and jumping jumping jumping

Had build a very good training today! But the two only horses who got to do the whole thing was Picsou and Quin! Cause the wind came and 80% of the jumps blow down!

Was trying a new bit again on Picsou, a light wight straight half Pessoa worn room for the thong! Not our bit, was strong and a bit to hm.. what can I say, not this one again!

He jumped amazing as he always do! Next horse was Quin! He was also super!

He got to wear a new set that we received from Inequine!


A set from PS of Sweden with saddle pad, fly hat and bandages! Top quality

Next horse was Duc! By now all the jumps and blown down, except for the gymnastic line and one more jump! So we did that! Was the gymnastic line I wanted to jump wind Duc anyway! Cause I want to build up his muscles more!

He jumped it amazing! But was crazy hot, so I had to work him a lot after to make him a calm good boy Then Ice Tea! He was also wearing the Inequine set! The bandages to! and here’s my outfit! JEM ridingbreeches, Chanel belt, Gucci t-shirt, Kep ITALIA Helmet and Parlanti Passion boots!

Ice Tea had the same training as Duc! He also got to jump a vertical standing alone with V poles! He did very good!

After Ice Tea I trained my Friend Tina on her horse Laziano! It went very good! They also have InEquine and PS of Sweden and they LOVE IT!

Took care of Alf , Tina took Teddy!

Yes I also rode Jill a little bit! In the afternoon it was a bit cold so then she wants to ride a little! Eat out wish ❤️Francois

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