Saturday, riding, pool and dinner out💑

No sleeping long for us today! early up for a Saturday in the Leiser family!

Eat our pancakes and headed to the stables!

I started to ride Picsou! Here’s my outfit: JEM ONE SEEM ridingbreeches black pink, Chanel t-shirt, belt, bracelet, Parlanti Passion boots and Kep ITALIA helmet!

Picsou was fresh as …. the vet checked all the horses and him and some other once have had some days of walk! This is smart to do from time to time, then you can avoid horses getting injured. And really good idea to know your horses legs, what’s normal for your horse?

Next one was Quin! He also had a couple of days walk, but was perfectly well behaved! He felt good, did light dressage! WHAT??? I ate the LAST CARROT?? GO AND BUY MORE

Then Duc time! We went for a hand walk together first! Look how happy and then riding! Had to be very concentrated in the transitions, cause she. I said walk he said trooooooottttt ttttt , walk! Must be Trott walk! Became better and better!- in the end of the training it was back to normal Last one to ride for me today was Ice Tea! He was so stiff after his interval training yesterday! So only focus on working softly away the sore muscles! He felt better and much more supple in the end of the training!

What teddy and Alf’i did you can read about on my Pro Horse Instagram! Need more attention there and are sleepy, so no long explanation both places!

Me, ❤️Francois and Tina went to the pool in the afternoon!

Since I had started with Chanel today I followed trough! Bikini, Bag, bracelets, necklace, sandals and earrings all Chanel and yes, I still don’t approve the hate comments that I’m to fat to be on these kid of pics! I’m happy with me, you are perfect just the way you are and so am I! Hate comments goes directly in the trash! I am working on being eve more in shape, so no need for attacks!

❤️Francois and me! Really good restaurant at the pool! around 17.30 me and Tina went for a 30 min run! We both have our fitness goals to archive

I jumped in a Ted Baker too and the 3 of us went to a amazing Chinese to have dinner!

6 thoughts on “Saturday, riding, pool and dinner out💑”

  1. Du ser utrolig bra ut! Utrolig inspirerende og! For å være helt ærlig så har du hjulpet meg flere ganger med å komme meg ut å trene haha.. Så tusen takk for at du deler med følgerne dine, du jobber så hardt mot det du vil og det inspirerer sånn!

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  2. Haters will hate no matter what, they are really draining the online communities. You should be able to look however you might look without getting these kind of comments, people should mind their own business instead of hating or putting other people down. Keep up the good work you are doing, they are just jealous! You don’t need to change anything on your body (or how you are in any aspect) to make anyone else happy. Love reading your blog and especially the “deeper” posts where you reflect on different topics, you’re such an inspiration!

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