Sunday chill!

Had plans to get up really early and go to the pool today also! But staid in bed with ❤️Francois instead, and we did not stress with the breakfast ether! Nice, cause it has been go go go the last couple of weeks!

Went to the stables and started with some dressage with Picsou! He was totally calm today! We had jumping but the only horse I was gonna jump with was Ice! Since the other horses had a couple of days calm it’s not fair to jump the second day back to work! Picsou and me had to train on transitions, cause he had forgotten how to do them smooth 😂 went perfect again in the end!

Next was Duc! Wanted to go out with him, but I think the forest is to har right now! Need some rain to make the ground softer! So dressage for him in the big pad! Loads of collected canter! His fur/coat is so popped out that he was swearing A LOT! But worked very very good today! Listen super and was easy to ride

Then Quin! Here’s my outfit! JEM ridingbreeches in Navy, Tommy Hilfiger top, Gucci belt, Kep ITALIA helmet and Parlanti passion boots!

Quin felt good today! Worked A LOT on his straightness, his goal is to always ride on two lines, he always want to keep his back inside to the left, on the left way! When I ride on the right he wants to keep the left hind leg outside the line of the front legs! My goal is to keep in straight! Went good but have to focus A LOT!

Then some jumping time when Ice Tea! We only jumped some small jumps to practice rid-ability, and two higher verticals with V poles to go more in the air! He was TOP!

Fun fact! When it’s this warm I don’t warm up Ice Tea and Duc so long before jumping! Because if they are getting high pulse from the warm up or feeling a bit tired from warming up they get more hot with the jumps! So I warm up short and work them longer after!

Had Picsou on the treadmill and helped out with the ice on the horses legs before I went home! So Tina only had to take the last bridles!

Now I’m gonna go to the gym with ❤️Francois and hopefully go early to bed!

2 thoughts on “Sunday chill!”

  1. First of all I must say I love reading you, I stopped riding last year due to my pregnancy and just came back 2 months ago, and during that period your blog has helped me to get motivated and focused on my return to the competition, so THANK YOU!!!
    Keep on, guess it’s hard work taking pictures all day long and blogging, but is superfun reading about you, the horses and your rutines!! Would love some tips or luckycharms-rutines you have!

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