Tuesday and loads of help from ❤️Francois

❤️Francois is my SUPERHERO!

When he feels something is wrong or I’m sad he really does everything to make sure I’m okey! Of course we can also disagree like all couples, but he does not accept that other people or circumstances makes me sad! Then he does more than everything to help and make everything good again!

And I am truly blessed to have a man like him❤️ my 👑KING❤️FRANCOIS👑

I just copy some of the text out from the pro horse on instagram! Was late in the stables cause we had time for jumps building after 20.00, gave me and him time to go running at home and sunbath on the balcony!we had Lunch at the Casino! SOO GOOD!

And went to the stables together 💑

Then stables! Me and ❤️Francois had the horses alone today!

Started with riding 🐴Picsou⭐️, we went in the forest and be behaved well😅.

Next was 🐴Duc💖, we had a power walk together after his hard training yesterday!

🦄Quin⛄️ did dressage, tried a 5 pice gag bit, but it was not the right match for us!

🐴ICE❄️TEA🍹 had forest riding today also! Much more calm today!

❤️Francois took 🐴Alf’i💫 and 🐴Teddy🐻 for a walk!

When we had tucked the horses in good night 😴 it was after 20.00 ridingschool was finished and we could put up the jumps for tomorrow! 🙋‍♀️I’m wearing #JEM🐴 that used to be white that I have colored yellow🙌 Fendi T-shirt, Hermès belt, #kepitalia and #parlantipassion




And I got a VERY VERY nice message from a Swedish girl who was so happy and grateful for her new #JEMONESEEM🐴 she won at the giveaway! To make other people happy makes me happy to 😃 she will send me pictures tomorrow and I can’t wait to get them! And I also had a very very nice message from a suisse customer also! Thank you so much guys!

And thank you again to the people who took time to comment on my blog

If you want to order JEM in Yellow, buy a white one and write in the comment under thatyou want me to make it Yellow!

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