When I’m stupid

Wanted to share it with you, cause I sometimes, or maybe more than sometimes make bad judgements..

Here is a example, and this actually happened just like this!

I was making food for Picsou and Alf’i when I realized I had made a mess on like a 3 meter wide 10 meter long area!

Mi first instinct was to GO AND CLEAN IT WITH A BROOM!

I went in to the place in the stables where the brooms are and started swiping happily! Seconds later a stable worker that only speaks French takes with force the broom from my hands. I become very upset, he gives me a very very strange broom and takes the good one! The picture is of the one he gives me.

I start yelling in English that this broom is not suitable for this job and try to get him to give me back the normal one, I shout, he shout back in French

I go and get the office lady and explain that I want to borrow a broom, I will put it back and not destroy it. She comes with me. The man say to her in French that I am not allowed to borrow the good brooms, they should only be used by the people who work there. And that I am use that one.

I can not except this and say this: THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS AND VERY STUPID! We talking need to borrow it for maximum 5 min and it’s 5 Brooms good once that nobody is using for the moment.

Office lady ask the boss. Boss confirms I’m not allowed to use the good brooms.

I clean with the small broom, go home and tell Francois what happened and start to cry, because I felt I was unfair treated.

I START TO CRY BECAUSE OF THAT😂 COME ON! 😂😂 I could excuse myself with being tired, cause I was, but come on! PERSPECTIVE PLEASE

I wish is had done this instead, brooming with good broom, man take good broom out of my hands, gives me bad old broom, I smile and keep brooming with little bad broom.

Instead of wasting maybe 15 – 20min of begging, then shouting before I returned to begging to use the good broom. It does not take more than 10 min to broom with the bad old little broom, I know that now, cause I use him for this job every week.

And one day I will buy my own good broom, write my name on it and borrow it to ANYONE in the stables that need it! Even the worker that took the broom from me! It will be in French:


Hoping that someone will comment on this post! Interesting to hear what you think!

12 thoughts on “When I’m stupid”

  1. Woman are angels and when someone breaks are wings…
    We continue to fly on a broomstick we’re flexible like that!
    I think I slapped him with the stick!!!😘

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  2. Haha everyone makes mistakes! No one is stupid, we are all just silly and mistakes happen! I can definitely say I see both sides to the story: yours for over reacting – especially it being just a broom – and the stable worker for not wanting to let you use the good broom. Every story has two sides – for example, you never know what the reason is behind the barn policy for the good broom to be used only by the workers. Maybe all the good brooms were being broken and the workers were unable to do a good job keeping the stables clean with the bad ones, so had some dedicated to be used for barn maintenance. Haha, I’ve had many outbursts like you where I reflect back on it and am like, wow, that shouldn’t have gone down like that! It happens, and all you can do is move on! Sometimes we have a lot going on in our minds and we forget how to act human! You are still amazing and love reading these blogs and following you!

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    1. It’s is the first time in my life I have been denied tools to help keep the stables nice, I guess I felt that sometimes people like to “dominate others” and that it was fun for them looking while I was cleaning with the worst broom ever. I don’t know what reasons they had to make this rules , as I don’t think people at the stables normally sweep the floor. But I just reacted silly, and I wish I had handled it better!


  3. You were trying to do the right thing by cleaning up. I think you overreacted because you were tired and perhaps the stress of being generous wit h people to a fault and being taken for granted. I think perhaps unfortunately your grooms should not become friends and you may need to keep things professional. I have run into the same problems being the friend and the boss……xxoo

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      1. I guess I felt that sometimes people like to “dominate others” and that it was fun for them looking while I was cleaning with the worst broom ever. I don’t know what reasons they had to make this rules , as I don’t think people at the stables normally sweep the floor. But I just reacted silly, and I wish I had handled it better! And I think you are right with the groom thing you wrote!! But it’s hard not to be


  4. I would have gone mental if some man would have come up and take a broom of my hands. And afterwards, at home I’d propbly cried a bit, because someone being so mean and stupid to me and my raging reaction towards it.
    That broom rule in your stable is propably the dummiest thig I have heard in a long time. By the looks of it, it’s a nice and expensive stable – why they even keep bad or broken brooms hanging around? And you being a good customer, renting several boxes, they should count how much it costs to make you angry and move away instead of buying a few extra brooms for everyone to use. I don’t think you overreacted at all!

    You go girl! Buying a good broom for everyone to share is a good way to handle this situation. You have nerves of an angel – if this would have happened to me i’d shove that damn broom up to their ass.

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    1. I LOVE THIS COMMENT! So funny, but having a serious point also! I felt the same in the situation! And I was not going to borrow a broom to swipe my own truck, just a little in the stables to make it nice for everyone and lighten the workload for the workers! But I still wish I would have behaved better 😂 I’ll be better next time 😇


  5. I really enjoy your blog because you are so honest. It’s fun to read, down to earth (except the shopping, haha) and you really love horses.
    Many others would not have posted the broom-gate. I would probably have reacted just the way you did.
    Lycka till!

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    1. Thank you so much😃 about the shopping, I guess it depends where you live and who you are with! Francois loves to dress me up I the best of the best 😍 and I appreciate that! That said, does not matter if you wear old hand me downs or a Dior gown! What matters is that you are happy and kind💖


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