Sum up

So here comes a sum up from the last week/weeks!

A mother friend came to my rescue Monday afternoon and we went to Italy Tuesday morning with Picsou, Quin, Duc and Ice Tea

Picsou means Scrooge Mc Duck in French

First show for Picsou in almost two years, did a clear round in 125 on Friday and one down in 135 on Sunday! SO HAPPY


Ice Tea did one down in 140 Friday, one down in the small GP on Saturday and two Down on Sunday

Duc was placed in 140 Friday and Saturday, was a top boy as always

Quin was clear all weekend, placed in 135 Friday and 140 Saturday

Had time for some sunbathing gelato eating check out the pink glitter converse

T was there

fine dining

We had a safe trip home, and on Wednesday morning my BFF left and I have been having the horses alone since then! Of Francois is helping out

-a week after a show is quiet, they have a couple of days hand walking before we start riding again!Date night when ❤️Francois tonight!

Wearing one of my Gucci dresses, this one is quite casual, but cool

I have gotten the taste for sushi, and this is a ice cream surrounded by dough.

2 thoughts on “Sum up”

  1. I like that you are back blogging 😊 everyone makes mistakes sometimes, or are falling under someone elses mistakes. Please do not stop blogging when that happens. You make my day by posting pictures of your clothes and horses. And I swore that I would never read blogs… Well that was my mistake. I am now an eager reader. It is an inspiration. I miss competing with horses, but it is time and money consuming, and life changes – priority changes. And your blog gives me some sense of holding on to my competative days and it gives me fasion inspiration. (So now I know what trends I can by on sale in a year)

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