Monday and jumping

Me and ❤️Francois went to the stables together this morning!

Jumping with Alf’i was on the schedule, and we were both excited!

He was super! Jumped with a lot of energy and was not that spooky as I thought he would be! Actually he was not spooky at all!

Picsou also took some jumps today! We focused on a energetic canter but still me in control! He jumped really great! Best time so far in his recovery time I actually also rode Jill! The weather is a bit chilly, was under 20 degrees, she looked bored, and since ❤️Francois was there to help I took her! Went for a walk outside, and trotted and galloped a little in the big paddock! All in all very kind and sweet! My outfit: JEM in Navy!


Next horse was Quin! Dressage! A lot of gallop trying to get him to stay on one track specially on the left! It’s going better!

Then I had a short brake to buy ingredients for my cake baking before I went back to the stables to do Duc, Teddy and Ice Tea!

No I am finished baking cakes for tomorrow and are in bed excited for my birthday 🎂 that’s a really big deal in my family! My parents have started to send me gifts months ago!

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