🏖Friday and Saturday in 🇮🇹

Friday was a good day for us at the show even though it was raining!

Started with some morning riding on Alf’i followed by warm up to Picsou class! By now it was raining a lot and we decided not to start since Picsou was injured a long time! Braved the rain and worked him a long time on the flat anyway

Next was Duc, had a good round but one down!

Then Quin and Ice Tea in the GP qualifier? both good , one and two down with them

Then Alf’i, really happy and jumped amazing! He was double clear and got a 4.place in the one star

Went to get some sushi at the grocery store, sooo good. In the evening we all went to the cocktail party! Was nice Saturday

Really good weather and started with two super rounds in 135 with Picsou and Duc! Where Duc got 2.place

Followed by a really good round with Quin in the GP qualifier giving us a 8. Place!

Ice Tea was very hot today. But okey! He went to pick up Quins price!

Alf’i had a day with just some light flatwork, felt tired and did not want to over work him! after feeding the horses we went out for some burgers and some pool time

I have to say that Helle and Elsa did a amazing job! Both these days! It has been very hectic but they have been awesome!

In the evening I went running in the stairs of the hotel! I have blisters on my feet and I did not want to run outside and the gym was closed!

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