About Friday and Saturday is under this post!

Today it went very good with me at the show! And that makes me happy, it makes ❤️Francois and my parents happy to!

Sometime just getting a ribbon 🏅is the source to your whole motivation! And not getting a ribbon can be very disappointing.

What I think is important is to be exactly the same, good result/less good/bad.

If I do good I’m the same with the other riders and people at the show.

Some people when it goes good with them feel the need to act superior over the people that did not have the best day. My advice is to be the same, if you do good, praise your horse, and do the same if it does not go good!

If some one you know is struggling, focus on what they do good! There is always something that they do good! And tell them that it was good! We have now idea what they are going trough when it goes less good, could it be disappointing themselves, their boyfriend, mom or dad, or their team or sponsor. So brining kind is the most important no matter what result

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