Sunday and Monday ðŸ‡®ðŸ‡¹

Sunday and first GP for me and Quin together!

The day started with Good rounds for Picsou, Duc, Alf’i and Ice Tea and finished up with two down in the GP! Totally my fault! He was awesome! Rode a bit to fast in to a double! But all in all happy!

Monday! I have gotten HIGE Blisters on my toes and heel, so the docter said NO SHOES today! And that means no stables for me!

Spend the day by the pool , The bikini is from Rosella beach wear! You can get it on instagram! I also spend some time sewing crystals on one of the saddle pads!went out to it eat in the evening. Or I eat at the super fancy restaurant at the hotel looking like this, outfit is cool, but no shoesupdate about Tuesday comes tomorrow

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