Tuesday and Wednesday

Started the day with breakfast at the hotel before I went to pick up the girls! Marked was on the schedule today! And I got to wear my birthday presents together! Pink pink pink Chanel

Marked was okey I must say, I got some underwear and some towels!

Went to town after to get some ice cream and the 3 of us had new bikinis

Ice cream is good here, but the best one is Gelato Mania in San Giovanni/Cattolica

Bikini, super cute from a bikini shop here! clo cashmere and mare san remo It’s called ! They have Miss Bikini also

At the hotel they gave us this for free! Nice touch

Stable s! Started with some dressage on Quin! I’m wearing JEM ONE SEEM in black pink, and all my birthday Chanel! Belt and t-shirt, yes and bracelet! Thank you! Kep ITALIA and Parlanti Passion Quin was quite stiff in the start, but after some soft warm up he was super! I want to emphasize that a horse is allowed to be stiff while warming up! But that does not mean it should be allowed to ignore you, if you say Trott -walk, it should be Trott -walk in balance, not Trott, pull you out of the saddle, long horse Trott unbalanced, walk. The horse must still listen and you must concentrate to! In the listening part Quin was super from the start! Good boy

Alf’i one day off and Alf’i saw the 4 legged shark everywhere! I did not even bother to try to make him go out in the corners before the end of the training. When he’s tired he will do it, if I insist before he will be more tense and maybe we will have a fight. No point with that when my goal is to be best friends and to make him work as correct as possible! This does not mean that I let the horse win, it only means that i staid away from the areas he’s nervous about until he was relaxed and with me. Then I could ride there without any trouble

Picsou Picsou had loads of energy and really wanted to work! I even had to drop the dressage wip cause he was pushing with his hindlegs and very active on his own, so today the dressage wip just made him run faster and that was not the purpose! All in all a top horse being TOP


was such a nice ride as he always is! He had the easiest training today since he jumped 4 times this week! 3 days but one day he did a jump off also and got 2.place in the small Grand Prix! Only deep shape and loads of good boy Duc!

Ice The Ice Machine Ice Tea was really nice today also! He was so calm I thought he was sick. But he was not! At this show I’m only allowed to jump 4 horses in the CSI** and last week Alf’i did the CSI*, since he have been sick with the lung inflammation I though it was a good idea not to jump to high and to long courses, and not to get high pulse. This week he wants to jump higher and one of the horses will not jump, since the 1* feels a little low for the rest! Ice Tea is the horse that had done the most of my horses last year and this year so it will probably be him that gets this week off from the show.


went early to ride cause the 3 of us had planed a afternoon by the pool.

Started with Quin that was a lot better from the start today quite a lot of work for him today also!

Next was Alf’i ! My outfit! JEM ONE SEEM ridingbreeches Navy/Blue , Gucci t-shirt and Hermès belt! Parlanti Passion boots and Kep ITALIA helmet

Alf’i was perfect today! Soft, easy, no 4 legged shark in sight ! He had a light training, because I know I need to work him hard tomorrow and morning ride him before start on Friday, and I don’t want him to be over all to tired, since he was sick so long! But today he was great!

Next was Picsou and he really got to work today! Because the day before he show, opposite to Alf’i that needs hard work, Picsou gets light work! So today he got a lot of training! A lot of being active but at the same time in the same balance and shape no matter what speed! He was super!

Then Duc! Duc also got hard hard work today! Focused on getting him on the hindlegs, light in the hand, and active, then light in the hand, and active again, you guys get it!

But he was super and worked very good!

The girls longed Ice Tea today! Haha! Ice was pretending to be a lazy horse and not to amused by the little riding house and was trotting and galloping very slow, so the girls had to run after him

Feed the horses and then the rain came! So our plans of beach and pool was put on hold!

We all went to the hotel and Elsa went shopping! I went a quicky back to the stables and then I meet the girls for Ice Cream weather got better and we got a little walk on the beach wearing a Janne Ibiza bikini! Thank you! You can buy it on Instagram or google Janne Ibiza

Did some jogging and grocery shopping in the evening

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