Saturday and top day at the show 🐴🦄

Day started at 08.15 with us going to the warm up with Duc! He was clear in the first round of the small GP and we went back to the stables and waited for the jumpoff!

Went out, he was super and we was leading a good while! Ended 3. Behind Jose Maria Larocca and Gaucho da Quinta and another superstar horse and rider! So very happy

The GP qualifier started right after so I went with Quin to the price giving and warmed up after! Great round, double clear and 9. Place!

Right after that Helle had made Picsou ready and Elsa was with me in the warm up! Picsou was super, one down! But a good round!

No time for rest, out and ride some dressage on Alf’i! Then we had time to eat!

You can believe how hectic it is specially for Helle, she needs to put studs a horse tack on, studs off the horse that just jumped, tack off wash him, put ice and so on, to quicky brush, studs on and tack on the next one before me and Elsa comes back with a sweaty horse that just jumped!

For Elsa it’s hectic to, but in another way, sometimes we have short time between the horses and it’s stressful for her to get the jumps to be like we need in the warm up!

THE GIRLS ARE DOING A AMAZING JOB. –and of course they are dressed like this while doing all that

After eating a little Alf’i s class stared! He was top and clear also

And finally Helle had time to watch one of her horses jump

Went to say hello to the horses in the evening before I went to dinner!

Thank you so much girls💖

6 thoughts on “Saturday and top day at the show 🐴🦄”

  1. Hei! I dag var jeg på stevne i runsten equestrian, utenfor Stockholm. Helena Lundbäck brukte hvite Prohorse ridebukser og det gjorde medmg veldig glad for din skyld 🙂 de var veldig fine live, og en dag vil jeg også ha råd til å kjöpe meg et par 🙂

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