🎀Thursday last day of the 💁‍♀️Barbie💁🏽‍♀️ sale

Haha! Started my day with my mountain cardio while Helle had the horses on the treadmill.

Then we went all in with the BARBIE HAHA! We did instafilms in mine and ❤️Francois little pool! Haha! I hope you guys appreciate all the crazy we do! It’s not a main stream thing anyway.

We also did loads of shots of us in different sizes so it will be easier for the customers to find their perfect fit

Also took some cool casual pics, I mean, all the JEM ridingbreeches can be purposed as normal pants also! We had on HOT PINK BARBIE swim suites

Me I really think no matter what body you have the JEM ridingbreeches shapes your body in a super way! Look at me and Helle, we are totally different, but both look great in the breeches


We went to the post, and posted orders and then we went to ride!

The horses had mostly dressage today! You saw it on my story! some of them have had two days off, but behaved very well! I even rode without bridle on Duc

Anyway! Was a very good day! ❤️Francois was all day at the Longines Jumping in Grans Montana. I was home before him, was so happy when he was home! Love to be home together ❤️

Please tell me this:

Did you follow the Barbie campaign on instagram?

Did you think it was funny?

Or do you think it’s better with pro photographers and models, or more fun with crazy girls and Iphone

Tell me, really want to grow out business

❤️Francois loves his Barbie

And the most awesome pic

1 thought on “🎀Thursday last day of the 💁‍♀️Barbie💁🏽‍♀️ sale”

  1. I think it’s a really good way to promote your brand when you do “crazy” stuff!! It’s not something many does, and that makes it very special and unique! It’s really cool!


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