Friday in Montreux💃🕺

Day started at 06.00 for both me and Helle! Cardio for me and horses for her! ❤️Francois was up before me working!

Went to my cardio mountain and took the train down, to go straight to the stables. A BIG BIG BIG delivery from Veredus had arrived and I was excited to unbox it!!!What’s so incredible with Veredus now is that they don’t only protect the feet of the horse by keeping them safe from “hits” from the outside, like a hoof or a pole, but they have developed this Gel Vento system that keeps the air flowing trough the boots, so the risk of the fibers in the tendon getting to hot and developing a tendon injury goes away ! SO GREAT

HAHA! I have been talking ALL DAY about what’s so great with the boots, and what each boot is good for! And they have all their area of expertise

Like this one! PROTECTION TO SUPREME! And a cheaper alternative than the Carbon Gel and Olympic! A horse like Teddy that has no medical history does not need the GEL VENTO as much as a horse like Picsou that has had a tendon injury the magnetic boots

Picsou with Carbon Gel Vento

Ice Tea with the flatwork boots TRC VentoMost of the horses had different kind of interval training today, will write more about that in another post! Ice Tea has long intervals yesterday, meaning galloping little over normal speed for 8 min some walk and again. He was out 1.5 hours. So he had light dressage today!

❤️Francois picked me up and we went to the poolmy bikini today

and after The Montreux Jazz Festival! I was really keen on a burger! Intensive day

We eat and after words we went to listen to music in the park! And I got the worlds biggest ice cream

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