Sum up of the last week

So my last blog post was about the Montreux Jazz Festival, and nothing has been written since!

So Sunday we did some jumping! Not so high, but focused on the broken and straight lines, 5-6 and 7 strides.

And also the gymnastic, but it was not in the focus today!

Was a warm perfect summer day! Over all, the horses jumped top!Even Teddy got to jump! He was very sweet and did his best as always

I was eating JEM in Navy, a Chanel belt and a Chanel t-shirt! The best boots in the world , Parlanti Passion and best helmet, Kep Italia

We also filmed some stuff for Veredus Put New latex but tape on Duc’s little gag! This but he jumps with at home, and use another bit at shows He’s wearing a fly bonnet from @jshorsemades ! Her bonnets are top! She even made a tie down system for me, since I like “normal short” bonnets the best!

Monday we also jumped a little! I repeat, we don’t have any shows for the moment and then it can be good to jump two days in a row, not to much jumping but a little! More to train the condition of the horse! Since the horses often have to jump several days in a row at shows

Here is Picsou And Alf’i

Tuesday i had to go to Geneva for some errands Went allinm with Hermès from top to toe had a Alexander McQueen skirt on but the rest Hermès! And my beautiful black Kelly bag! Thank you so much!

Guess that sums up Tuesday!

Wednesday I rode all the guys in the forest! Here’s me and Alf’i

Thursday I rode dressage, did not take a single picture! Haha! Totally forgot, or maybe my battery was out! I did do my mountain cardio every day! And I focused a lot of the collection of the horse that day! Important not to collect to long! Make the horse “long” and then collect again

Helle had a sleep over with us and the 3, me ❤️Francois and Helle went to eat burgers in the town we live! SOOO GOOD ONCE!

Friday! Had to go and do some errands for the company Pro Horse! Dolce Gabbana blouse, Chanel shoes and skirt, Hermès bag and a Hermès Twilly on my ankle

Had time to ride a little in the evening, started to rain and I got soaked

Saturday! No cardio this morning, protein pancakes and cuddles at home!

Then stables! Started to ride Picsou out in the forest ofc I brought carrots for the trip!

Then Alf’i in the forest

Haha! Forest for everyone! not Quin, he’s not riding anything for the moment! I’m wearing JEM L, Gucci long sleeved t-shirt and Gucci belt

Teddy Even rode a little on Jill! Bad weather and cold , Jill comes to ride

In the evening me and ❤️Francois went on a date! As always, just finishing up this blog and he is taking me out for some froYo!

4 thoughts on “Sum up of the last week”

  1. What a beautiful arena set in the mountains, must be awesome riding there everyday. The horses look pretty good as well, lucky lady 🙂
    I see you doing some gymnastics, I have recently compiled a list of my top 10 gymnastics, with diagrams and explanations. If you’re keen to have a look at them here is the link.
    enjoy the rest of your day, and let me know what you think

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