I thought we were friends?

Thank you to one of my followers on Instagram that send me this!

On Thursday the 2 of August one of my followers in Norway was on a sal on Marton horse shop!

She was filming a little from the shop to her insta story when she overheard two girls talking!

One girl said, I know Eva, we worked together and she is really blond. I just wrote her a message and she started sponsoring me with pants right away. So blond. And stupid.

So this girl, that I am sponsoring, and have worked with, and that I thought was my friend. Let’s look at the facts

She has jumped at the highest at shows 140.

She does not have many followers on Instagram.

So why did I sponsor her?

Well, I have always believed in her!

She wrote to me that she had lost a lot of wight and stuff, but that did not matter to me, I always thought she looked beautiful

I always admire her strength and her will power! The way she is with the horses is really good to, she’s so relaxed in every situation! She can get a horse with saddle cramps that would buck off any top rider to relax and be a “normal” horse!

Even though she is badmouthing me, i still admire her for her qualities

She has a child and she seems to be a wonderful mother also!

When we worked together I always had her back, and she mine!

So this follower hears and got the conversation on her instastory and send it to me on DM so I could hear it. She took it down after as a curtesy to me.

Anyway, I of c told ❤️Francois, and he said I should never ever give pants to anyone unless they jump minimum 150 or have over 50K on instagram.

But that’s not me, I love to give! I have to say no to a lot of people, but when people I know of friends ask me I always try to do something.

But maybe I’m blond. I am sad about this because I thought we genuinely was friends.

So what to do know, have a say no to everyone unless you are a super instagram hit or a GP winner?

Make it like the normal people that perhaps don’t have so much money and could really use a break, and a good deal on pants never get because I have to think about how the people I am kind with laugh behind my back?

Where is this going?

Please comment

26 thoughts on “I thought we were friends?”

  1. You are such an amazing person Eva, inside and out. The fact that she talks bad about you behind your back is just horrid keeping in mind you trusted her, she possibly was jealous of the amazing person that you are and wanted people to tell her she was better than you, which is rare😊I would never ever do this, we love you Eva


  2. You have such a great heart Eva; it saddens me to hear of someone talking bad about you. I’d say follow your heart when it comes to sponsoring people, but don’t sponsors that girl anymore. You may admire her qualities, be she obviously does not admire yours. Hold your head high, and keep a strong heart dear lady 💓


  3. In your shoes, instead of asking for comments on this, I would confront this girl personally or via dm, and ask her for her reasons, talking bad about you behind your back. I’d tell her, that it’s bad behaviour and no one should do it. If you don’t like someone, you should not take presents from that person and if you do so, you don’t talk bad behind her back.
    You got nothing to loose, so confront her 😉
    But still, I think, that this is truly nothing, your whole bunch of followers should comment 😉
    Sort it out, girl 😎😎


    1. I thought about that to! But if I should confront her I had to have decided in for hand what I wanted from it? A apology? A fight? No, I don’t expect any of that! And I also thought that I would just go on and forget about it. But a friend said, you should write about it, so your followers see that I also have stuff to deal with. I also get sad, and stuff. So you can know me more!


      1. Hey, thx for your reply 😊 and everyone should know, that even if you seem to have everything, you still have to deal with bad stuff, that’s right.
        And maybe it’s the best, to just forget about that and not react on it.
        Jealousy is everywhere, that’s for sure. Do not let anybody change your own way. Be, what you are and stay, ,like you are 😉 love Nike


  4. You are a better person than her! Keep being you and being kind and generous, there is a saying you will reap what you sow!


  5. Hi Eva,
    Sorry to read this ..You have such a good heart and besides its much more fun to be blond 😉 maybe your old friend have become jelous and thats only taking energy away from your old friend. You still shine! ⭐️


  6. You are the most loving person I know Eva!
    I had a wonderful day in Switzerland with you and it was amazing how you talked with my daughter about respecting people.
    I’m also blond and love pink! (That’s not a crime )😉
    Love From us both😘


  7. Omg, this is just awful to hear. This person sounds very ungrateful, and has taken advantage of your generosity and kindness!
    I’m a Mum with dreams of making it in the horse world, so I can’t understand how anybody could be so rude and nasty to someone who’d helped them!
    Keep doing your thing, girl. Love your posts, they’re always so fun, positive, and they help keep me motivated to work hard. Oh, and as a fellow blondie – keep on rocking it! 😀 xoxo


  8. This is absolutely gutting to read! It makes me so sad to hear about people in the horse industry! I’m a firm believer in people treating me the way I treat them so seeing you still backing this person is truly amazing. You’re so kind hearted and definitely don’t deserve a single thing of what she said about you 💕


  9. It’s ok to be hurt. It’s ok to feel wronged. This is her path, and she clearly does not understand the wisdom in a kind heart. Kindness is a good way to approach the world, if you were a bitch, people would also talk about you. Know that the light you shine upon the world gives healing and gratitude (from most ppl). This kindness to others is the Northern Viking way for women to uphold a community while the men were gone at sea for months in winter. It is how we survived the arctic. Be proud!


    1. Hi Renate! My childhoods best friend Sølvpilen! Thank you so much for this very enlightening comment and I hope you have a wonderful life! Hope to see you again one day


      1. If I can remember how you were as 6 years old, and how you came visiting years later when I had gotten my own horse. You are genuine and brilliant with or without luxury.

        We will meet some day 😌🦄


  10. Åååh 😔 Det vil alltid finnes folk som e negativ og ekkel. Du e blond og crazy. Æ å. Ikke like vill som dæ, men ka gjør det?
    Folk e forskjellig. Fortsett å spre glede og farge rundt dæ, og se det bare som ei trist men nyttig erfaring det som skjedde.
    Æ e gla for att du e den du e. Du gjør mæ gla 😊
    Svær klem fra mæ.


  11. I’m sorry to hear that someone did that. But I’m really impressed by the way you write about it. Despite the fact that she hurt your feelings (a lot I believe) you still describe her strenghts and her positive sides. When you manage to do that when being hurt you have come way beyond most people. That is an amazing gift.
    There will always be people hurting others by choice or by accident. If you don’t have anything good to say about people, be silent. And I am trying to do the same as you did, focus on peoples good side, even though I sometimes dislike their actions. It is somtimes hard, so thank you for inspire me to keep that focus.
    And be crazy, blonde, redhead, exentric, silent, shy, outspoken or whatever you want, as long as you are true to yourself.


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