Sunday jumping and Monday STING concert in 🇮🇹

Sunday we had booked the big arena and Super MARIO the in house coursebuilder had build a real course for me!

3 combination, given distance to the big water and the black wall after! THANK YOU MARIO!!

Started with Alf’i! He was so super! 28+m up to the water and he flew easy and light up on 6 strides! He jumped amazing the whole training

Alf’i was rewarded after jumping, they always are. But today he got his bridle off in the arena and could really enjoy the carrots

After Alf’i I took Picsou! We tried a new bit today, the bit I always have used was a little to weak for him, and we were basically fighting with each other last show. I was hanging after him and he was running with me! I would like to ride him good and give him good balance and distances, so something new had to be tried! I always first try with dressage and schooling but now we needed a bit also! Normally I ride him in a rubber gag with two reins, straight with room for the tongue! Now I tried a “Pessoa” with the same mouth pice but in steel! walking with Picsou before training! Both me and Picsou liked the bit and it went good today! Very good

Look how Picsou enjoys some cuddles after jumping! I’m wearing JEM L riding breeches and Louis Vuitton top and belt! Kep ITALIA helmet and Parlanti Passion boots

Next was Duc, he had no start at the last show here, so he was happy to do some jumping in the arena!

Me and Duc knows each other so well, so it goes the fastest jumping with him! I just short off tell him the course, we make a plan together and swish it’s done!

Look how he listens to the plan

Good boy and carrots next was Teddy’lino, and we don’t have the same bond as me and Duc, so here some training needs to be done! But I have to say, that we are closer now after today’s training. He jumped the wall and the water nice also! He is a power horse with a LOT OF SCOPE! Good style also, just the Jockey that need to learn to ride him good

After riding it was pool time! Check out my bathing pants! Full of emoji

In the evening we went to town! Was wearing my Versace dress, Hermès shoes and Chanel bag Helle looked Smoking!!!

So Monday! Had a long sleep and went to help out Helle!

Picsou, Alf’i and Duc has a day off! They deserved it and we are good, Teddy and me still have some stuff to find out! So a short work out for him!

Outfit: JEM ridingbreeches in Black, Chanel top and belt! Kep and Parlanti

We walked the horses a lot and had them in paddock feed them loads of musli, hay and carrots and went to the pool

Pool outfit thank you for the gifts Mamma💖

And LV bikinihaha! Sweden’s next top model Helle looking hot hot hot! She also tricked me today! Haha, on Sunday she filmed me pushing s golf car that was in my parking spot out of the way, with only a shirt and bikini pants, and she put it on her story! Today as I was chillin on the sun bed she said to me: look those two guys are trying to take a selfie, go over there and offer to take a nice picture of them! And so I did, hahaha, apparently they were not even trying to take a photo so they got really confused when I came and started to try to take a photo of them. They did not speak so much English either. First they thought that I wanted a picture with them 😂😂😂 Helle was laughing so hard while she was watching this

In the evening it was the Sting and Shaggy concert! Here’s a 360 view of my outfit! Not a expensive dress, but spiced it up with Louis Vuitton monongram! Did not know what to expect from the concert, if it would be people smoking or a lot of beer that people would spill, so wanted to take a not to expensive dress! Got a very expensive skirt damaged by Bertram Allan’s daddy, he was smoking and I caught a flame. He did not mean it off course. But after that I am more careful!

STING WAS AMAZING! In the crowd it was some women very enthusiastic digging his music and showing it. Then some Italian guards came and handled them ruffle. Sting stopped playing and said: THESE ARE WOMEN, YOU DONT HANDLE THEM LIKE THAT! I will not start to play again before you leave the women alone!

WOW! Way to go!!!

Off course him and Shaggy played GREAT! And it was a amazing experience

Also I got a concert t-shirt!

Thank you for all the kind and supporting messages I got about my post on being talked bad about! I got a comment asking why I did not confront that girl.

I did not confront her because if I go in to a confrontation I must have some kind of goal to get out of it.

What could I do, I worked with this person, she knows I worked longer hours than the other did, she knows I never complained about having to much work or horses to ride, she knows I have my all to be better and come closer to reach my goal.

And if she still knowing all this chooses to see only what I show on Instagram and let herself and other talk bad about me, what can I do. I can’t scream at someone to change their opinion. And if this is what she wants to think it’s her right.

But it’s very hurtful for me, because I thought the people that knew me before,- always would remember who I am! Even though I live in a Palace with the love of my life and are so lucky to have these great horses and have so cool cars and clothes!

I am happy that a lot of people are happy for me and follows me because they think it’s fun and most of all a inspiration to work hard and reach your dreams

2 thoughts on “Sunday jumping and Monday STING concert in 🇮🇹”

  1. syntes det er rigtig trist at nogen har så ondt i måsen over nogen har mere end andre, også hakke ned på andre er bestemt ikke Oki.

    Jeg kan da også blev jaloux på dig 🙈 du har alt det en hver pige drømmer, hest, designet dit eget mærke på ridebukser og har råd til de fede tøjmærker 😍😍

    Jeg beundre dit arbejde og dig.


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