Tuesday and Wednesday

Went home on Monday night, washes clothes and said hi to Jill, Ice Tea and Quin!

They were all good! Had a long drive back to San Giovanni because of the rain and thunderstorm. And arrived late!

Rode anyway! Luckily Helle had ridden Teddy! He had been a bit fresh but all in all a good boy!

I started with Alf’i, rode in the big riding. I think he could feel the rain coming here also cause he was a bit tense! I made it uncomplicated and let him gallop as much as he wanted forward until he relaxed! Worked perfect! I’m wearing JEM L pants! Love them! you can buy them here:


Rode Picsou in the riding house because by then the rain had arrived! Me and Picsou trained on poles and regulating the speed and at the same time keeping the suspension in Trott and canter! Also gallop fast to the first pole and get him back before the next one! Went very well!

Duc had a softer day! Cause he felt a little tired! So mostly Trott deep with nose forward! He was good! Him and me admiring the champions!

That was that for today!


Big breakfast and to the stables

Here is me and Helle! She is wearing JEM in Navy and I’m wearing JEM in black

Started to ride Alf’i! Dressage, first in the warm up then in the big paddock! Had to ride him medium hard today, not to hard so he’s tired for tomorrow (since I ride him two times a day on shows, morning riding and showing) but not to little so he’s to tense ether!

Also did some polars with him, variated to ride 5-6-7and8 strides between!

Next was Teddy! A lot of work on his canter! To be able to gallop stronger! I do think it becomes better and better every day! Rode him in the big ring! He was very soft and is easy to regulate faster or slower! And I appreciate that

Last to ride today was Duc! All horses had a individual program, yesterday Duc had a quite easy day, and today he had a hard day, to work on his fitness! Some days like after the show is riding for restitution, and other days like today is to train to be stronger! I never train hard to be stronger the day before or after a show! After riding snacks me and Thelma started to make a YouTube show😂😂😂

Picsou had the day off, only hand waking! Enjoins it so much!

We even had time for a little sunbathing! Wearing the Dolce Gabbana bikini a great tips: if you love a bikini but the bottom is granny pants, turn it around! Haha! Like I did here! So the front will be a Brazilian in your back

the sexy groom took all the horses to the vet check and it was goood!

In the evening we ate at that American place, and both me and Helle ate way to much ! Ahaha! We are so full now! But it was sooo good!

The bikini transformed in to a top

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