Arezzo Thursday

It was a extremely early morning for me! Picsou did not pass the vet check/ Trott up the day before (Wednesday) so we had to report to the re check on Thursday morning at 07.45.

I wanted to give Picsou a chance to pass the vet check so i got up did our normal stables routine and then walked Picsou 30 min before I presented him for the second Trott up!

He was better and they said I could start! When you have a older horse these situations can happen. The older horse can be stiff and have muscle pain, this can can make the horse Trott irregular when he is cold. If the horse has time to warm up a little the muscles get supple and he is trotting good! I never had this situation before that one of my horses did not pass the Trott up at the first try. So I was paying extra attention to Picsou and with a dialogue with the FEI vet I felt confident to ride him!

-the sexy groom had returned from Holidays in Sweden, and then changed course and driving all night from Switzerland to Arezzo! Arrived around 11! It was perfect, cause the GP qualifier was around 14.00.

I jumped both Duc and Picsou! It has been a year or more since I took Duc for that! Lately it has been, Alf, Picsou, Quin and Ice Tea!


How ever, Duc rice to the occasion and we qualified. Picsou and me had two down!


Teddy did not jump, but I rode him some dressage! He actually felt a little tired, haha, when we arrived in San Giovanni beginning of the summer he was so fresh and shocked over everything at that time we had to lunge him before I could get on!

Now he’s more in the routine and not that easily excited! He was able to relax in to it!

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