Home from Turkey

When Ice Tea sees the carrot

When he sees Duc being given a carrot! Can’t watch when he hears Duc chewing the carrots! GRRR


So when we got back from our holiday our vet came to check Picsou! He is tired in all his soft part in the hind legs, so a month of recuperation is on the schedule for him!

Luckily I have other horses to ride and enjoy! I would love to keep training all the time with Picsou to reach our goals! But to respect the horse and do what’s best got them is most important ! Armani t shirt to match the ridingbreeches! JEM ONE SEEM! Dont forget that we have free worldwide shipping

I started up training again for Teddy, Duc and Ice Tea! They had some holidays while we was on holidays too! The sexy groom had ridden them in the forest a little the tank top is so cute with he birds on!! And the pants! JEM ONE SEEM Navy/blue! LOVE THEM! Order them here Pro Horse International

Duc was happy to ride with me again! Haha he also loves to ride with the sexy groom since Ice Tea has had a long holidays when we been in Italy he was a bit shocked over me putting him in to some serious dressage work again! Haha!

back to usual! Gym in the evening

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