Day in Geneva

Not much to say in the horse way today!

Went to help the Sexy groom put Teddy in the trailer and had a 6K run before I headed to Geneva with ❤️Francois

Outfit one!

The walk n Dior shows are just great! Really think they go good with a dress like this!


The weather at home was a bit misty, but you could tell that the sun was breaking out, because the light was really sharp!

First stop in Geneva 😉😋🎂

Changed my clothes to attend some meetings with ❤️Francois

We also did some shopping and I got this jacket from Louis Vuitton

Walked around town

We had dinner at he amazing Rasoi By Vineet! Omg!!! Sooo good We had the tasting Menu! INCREDIBLE

I was maybe walking with my jogging shoes for 1hour 30 min, and the rest of the day high heels, so by the end of the evening my feet was tired! Haha! I think all the walking between the shops did it! Good thing that your husband is a gentleman and helps out!


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