Busy day

Got up early and did my cardio mountain! Took the train down and went to get some groceries for some cake baking for me and the Sexy Groom! Francois is cutting carbs so he said he would not eat any cake if I baked one!

The cardio M, today was one of those days where I wishes I had time to take a 2 hours nap on my way up and still make it to the train. Sweating and breathing on high level today. You got to push yourself if you want to get better. So i defiantly got better today 🙌

After that both me and the Sexy Groom had a doctor appointment, so we got that done, and yes we also did some waiting at the doctors, but it was not that bad! It went quite fast today

Then we had to go to the Ferrari garage and pick up the Super America! Haha, first time I ever could take a picture of these two together! The red- Ferrari GTO, blue is the Super America. He Maranello was down in the garage, but would have love to have the 3 together I photo


Dressage today for Ice and Teddy! Started with Teddy! Rode him looooooong and low with his nose. He did it really well! Wanted him to stretch out from the gymnastics yesterday.

Then Ice Tea! Needed to keep him a little bit more up! He’s in a phase where he wants to put a little to much weight on front, so could ride him low, and then lift him up again!

Duc is older (15) so when I can, after jumping two days in a row I just hand walk him! and that’s what we did! And had a live stream at the same time!

Quin, Picsou, Alf and Jill was ether hand walked or on the treadmill!

In the evening I baked this cheesecake! It takes 4 hours in total so I got to bed WAY to late, and ❤️Francois had to go to the gym alone!

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