Here we go MiLaNo

Early out of bed and headed down to the stables! Me and Helle the awesome SEXY GROOM quickly loaded, Ice Tea, Teddy and Duc!

Both me and the sexy groom are wearing sweater dresses from KENZO! very comfy

The trip down to Milano went fine! All horses happy and behaved well! Good weather!

When me and The Sexy Groom was half way finished with packing out my phone ringed and a friend wanted me to come and look at a horse! So I did.

But on the way home this happened, can you believe it! Same car that got the flat tire in Arezzo.. aaaah! -and I came back to the show so late that I could not flat ride the horses! Luckily the SEXY GROOM rode them when I called and told her the news! I have to say that the Italian rode Police was very helpful! They even parked a car behind me on the high way to “keep me safe” until a car saving car could come and pick me up

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