Sunday and GP time

Day started AMAZING! YEAH! 3 place for Teddy’lino in his final! Clear in the first round and we could come back for the jump off! He was such a perfect boy! So happy! I let Duc smell the ribbon and the silver plate to encourage him to try to sniff one for himself in the GP! I also let Ice Tea smell it.

Before it was Ice Tea turn to jump me and the SEXY GROOM had a surprise for our followers in Italy! The first one that came and said hello, extra super if they also said: IM GLORIA IM GLORIA, OH HEY KISS ME, KISS ME, would get this bag of candy! Haha! Some girls came but they did not say the GLORIA!!!! Me and the sexy groom was a little disappointed, but hey, it’s awesome to meet all of you so I have to say we were 99% happy!

And for Ice Tea it worked! He got a 5 place with Natale in 140! I did that thing where you pay 50 euros and get all your pictures from all your horses the whole weekend! So I said to the picture and video man to send me the pics of Natale and Ice Tea, since he is my horse. He send me pictures of Natale and this horse! Aaaahahaha! I tried to contact them and say that I got the wrong pictures, but they don’t answer! So here’s at-least a picture of Natale and a random grey horse that is not Ice Tea, it is it Ice Tea in disguise as a grey horse?? 🤔

Next horse was Duc! The Grand Prix! So many years since I really did the Grand Prix on him! He felt super in the warm up and the first part of the course including the 3 combination went super! Clear and so far so good! The front rail of two overs rolled down in the end of the course! He felt a little tired to the end. Long time since we jumped that high! But the whole team including ❤️Francois was happy with the round!

Then it was time to pack! The sexy groom has really gotten good at it and while I went to pay she quickly put everything in the tack box and she also put what she could do alone inside the truck!

We grabbed Steffano and got the tack box up, and CIAO ITALY! ENROUTE SUISSA

We drown almost all night! The mountain was closed on sundays so we had to drive the whole way around, was home I think at 02.30 to take out the horses! I hope everyone who is dreaming about being a show groom understands that Helle had been up since 06.00 that day! And worked the whole time, and now was driving then Yaris home!

Groom life is so much fun! But it’s also have its very very hard and long days!

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