Late night come home

Left the hotel at 07.00

So I had been extremely clever and left the light on inside the little Yaris when I left it at Geneva airport! So I had a surprise when it didn’t start..

called TCS and they said they would come after one hour to star the car. After one hour 30 min I phoned them to ask when they would be there? Then they said after 3 hours we have so much to do in Geneva today! Aaaaaah! But I was lucky and a Taxi driver started the Yaris for me and I could drive to Mc Donald’s, get a big mc menu and head direction home❤️

Btw, they don’t have any wraps at Mc Donald’s Switzerland anymore! I liked those..

Did my cardio mountain, and saw this adorable cow! She is a special cow breed that comes from the north of Norway! She recognized me as a fellow north Norway spicy and started to follow me! So cute she even wanted to go with me to the train! Was hard to leave her there! Wanted to bring her home and give her as a early b-day gift to ❤️Francois! And have our very own grace clipper and also fertilizer To the stables! Rode Teddy outside, he was very fresh, so no real progress was made today!

More like me trying to let him move around in canter as much as possible with me on him and trying to maintain control and have him in a okey shape! After 45 min he was top and we could work a little normal I rode Ice Tee inside. Dressage! A lot of collected canter! And forward and collect again! He was really good today! Very light in the front and pushed well with the hind!

Took care of the rest of the horses and went ❤️home!

on my way ❤️home, like 80 m from our house I saw my unicorn, he had been kidnapped! Sort off.. Got him in the car and rescued him back to us

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