A day in Oliva Nova, Mediterranean Equestrian Tour

I had to talk in person to the owner of Quin, cause we needed to find a good solution for the horse! To meet and talk is always better than to talk on the phone! Specially since both him and me are busy!

So I got up at 4 in the morning and drove to Geneva Airport!

Got a window seat and was ready to take a nap during the flight! First distraction, a little girl about 5 or 6 years old was sitting behind me, she keep touching the patches of my Louis Vuitton jacket! I asked her to please stop, I also told her mother. And she did, 20 min in to my good well deserved snooze I woke up by her kicking like a ninja in the back of my seat. I turn around and ask them to please stop because I’m trying to sleep. She stops, 2 min later she starts again. I say again please talk to your child, this is not a nice behavior. The mother pretends to not understand English! The flight attended comes and hear me saying that it’s normal child education to teach them that a behavior like this is unacceptable!! The flight attended man ask me what’s the problem, and sees the little girl energetic kicking in the back of my seat. He says to the mother if she does not make her child stop she has to move from business class to the back of the plane. And then suddenly the mother understood English and could get the girl to stop.

Seriously! When I was a little child traveling with my parents it was no option to behave like this, no option to start to cry if my ears was hurting, no option to behave bad or arrogant. I was grateful for my sticker book and sat quietly in my seat on the trip! If the flight attended gave me a little toy I was very proud and happy! Before we would go in the air my parents reminded me about the pressure and said I would be allowed to get a chewing gum while we went up in the air and while we went down to avoid getting to much “lock” in my ears! Before the pressure started I was reminded no crying, but a lot of smiles and chewing! So my mom and dad chewed their gum also and they distracted me, and they say that I behaved well!

Has the new generation learn to except that if you forget the iPad home the kid can behave how ever he wants? I hope not! Have parenting become softer? Do people just let their children sit in front of the computer instead of playing with them? Just wondering, I see so many parents that take their 2 children to restaurants and the kids sit with a iPad each and headphones on, during the whole meal! But maybe it’s the future? Scary

Anyway back to the horse part of my blog.

I arrived in Alicante and took my rental car to the horse show in Oliva Nova where this amazing girl was waiting for me! So good to see Geneviev again! She’s doing GREAT at the show, also with a new horse she only have ridden for 2 weeks!

I talked to the owner of Quin! And after that it was time for a lunch date with Mathilda! We had sushi! Really good!

Before I left I had time to see Mathilda do a really good round in the Grand Prix

And see Geneviev do a really good round in the 130! Check out the clearing over this jump! And the hind leg!

I also got a post card from Delveaux in Danmark! He trotted poles for the first time today! He thought it was a jump so first time he jumped the both! Afterwords he figured out that he could trot over them! What a good boy! 3yr old stallion by Darco/Nabab De Reve

I stoped quickly on fosters Hollywood and had one of my favorite meals! And desert before I drove to the airport! A storm came while I was driving but my plane went pretty much on time! So that was good!

Had a little bit of a wait in Frankfurt, but I rather prefer that here cause the airport is so big over to run and perhaps miss the plane! Took a chill in the green area

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4 thoughts on “A day in Oliva Nova, Mediterranean Equestrian Tour”

  1. Håper ting blev bra med Quin. Barna mine har aldri reist med fly, det er ikke i våres budsjett dessverre. Men vi reiser mye tog, og da får de dele på å spille på min mobil, (har ikke ipad). Og så har vi “premier” som de må fortjene, så hvis de er greie får de en tyggis, en kinderegg, er blad eller tegneting. Funker veldig bra men det krever jo at man som forelder “jobber litt” og folk er så late.


  2. No option to start crying if your ear was hurting? Unnskyld meg, men det er ikke slik at et barn bevisst «velger» å starte å gråte når de får vondt/trykk i ørene når de flyr. De gråter jo fordi de har vondt! Den smerten man får av «dotter» i ørene når man tar av/letter er veldig smertefull! Spesielt om man i tillegg har noen form for forkjølelse (tett nese, bihuler etc). Det er noe jeg selv husker veldig godt som barn. Likt deg ,lærte mine foreldre meg (når jeg var gammel nok å i stand til å forstå) hvordan jeg skulle takle dette, men det er ingen selfølge at disse «metodene» alltid hjelper! Er helt enig i at et barn, uansett alder må oppføre seg og være minst mulig til bry for andre passasjerer, og at ansvaret selfølgelig ligger på foreldrene! Men det du skriver om gråt hos barn på fly, viser bare veldig godt at du ikke har barn selv. Jeg tror «alle» har opplevd gråt fra andres barn på fly som irriterende, plagsomt eller forstyrrende, men jeg kan med hånda på hjerte si at det garantert er 100 ganger verre for barnet selv og foreldrene som gjør alt for å gjøre situasjonen bedre for alle! Håper du klarer å tenke på det, neste gang du er ute å flyr:)


    1. Enig i alt du skriver! Men helt ærlig klaget jeg ikke over noen som gråt! Og det har jeg heller aldri gjort!
      Jeg klaget over et større barn som sparker i sete mitt, og en sånn oppførelse har jo ikke noe med dott i ørene!
      Jeg skrev bare hvordan jeg var oppdratt og ikke ett eneste ord om at jeg syns er barn som gråter er irriterende! Hvis noen gråter stor eller liten syns jeg det er leit og har alltid medfølelse!
      Tusen takk for kommentaren


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