Tryouts for Ice Tea

One of the biggest stables in Europe, haha, that also actually belongs to a friend of me and ❤️Francois had send one of their jockeys to come and try Ice Tea today!

I picked up a very nice and smiling girl called Britu at the airport in Geneva! She had never had a Starbucks Frappochino in her life, so first things first! Needed to get her one before we drove to the stables

When we got there Ice Tea was in the paddock, took him in and tacked him on! Then we started! They were truly a perfect match! She rode him great and he jumped super

Before I was going to take her to eat and to the airport I did some jumps with Teddy! He has already made progress since last time! Specially on this exercise! Even though it was as high as last time he remembered his shoulders at the first try did also a little course then me and Britu went to Holy Cow and got some burger menus! I had smockey cheese and bacon with barbecue sauce, extra avocado and Ananas my outfit today! JEM in Bordeaux and Gucci

Took Britu to the airport and got stuck in traffic on the way homelistened to some music and audio books, so the time went by fast and we was driving normal speed again!

Look at Teddy and his little friends after training


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