Was up to 02.00 last night baking cakes and making a home made birthday card!

This morning I woke up ❤️Francois at 06.15, with cake, presents and birthday song!

It was perfect! It was dark in the room and I came singing in with light on the cake! He blew it out and made a wish!

We had cake and presents in bed before we slept some hours more!

He had already got one present from me in for-hand! A hotel weekend in Zurich and a concert!

And today I also surprised him with a trip to Luzern, a amazing hotel

When we had packed out we went to visit the beautiful town

In the evening we had a really good dinner at one of the 4 restaurants inside the hotel

I am so grateful to be yours and I LOVE YOU ❤️FRANCOIS WITH ALL MY HEART

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