Exercising, meal plan and discipline

I have got about a thousand or more questions about my diet and exercise plan!

But what I do most likely is not the right plan for you, because I am me, and you are you! My body is build up more or less of one type of fiber and yours can be totally different!

My strength it that I LOVE to exercise! So I GLADLY do it, with great eager! Pushing myself is a joy! Except for the treadmill, please don’t Keep me on it for more than 30 min! Running outside, no problem! And it’s funny, a couple of years ago it was the opposite, running outside was something I disliked, but could gladly stay over a hour on the treadmill!

I always do some form of cardio in the morning! If it is running in the neighborhood where me and ❤️Francois live, or if it’s my favorite mountain cardio where I walk/run up a mountain and take the train down! Even if it’s cold or I don’t feel like it I minimum do at least 20 min cardio in the morning! Even those days where we have to go from home early. I force myself and use my discipline to just do it! It’s for me

When it comes to my diet I don’t exactly eat clean! I usually start the day with a banana and a protein pudding, and 0.5 liter water and a cup of tea! Then I do my cardio, after that I am most likely to stop at a gas station to buy a snickers and a croissant. So croissant 500KCAL , snickers 250z already there the 700kcal I burned during my cardio get filled up by shit I probably should not consume.

When I arrive at the stables I change my clothes and eat part of my salad, containing a apple, tomato, spinach, avocado and paprika together with ether salmon or chicken. Many times it contains a lot of taco sauce and cream fresh! Then I ride a couple of horses, and eat more of my salad. I probably also eat a pear, or watermelon or something else I like during my time in the stables!

I also sometimes have scrambled 6 eggs and put it in a container box together with some strawberry jam and some cut up apple pieces. That I also eat sometimes instead of the salad!

When I come home it’s dinner! It’s often sweet potato, cooked spinach, or Broccoli, fish or meat! We don’t eat a lot of pasta or potatoes at home!

But we do how ever go out to eat a lot, then I usually eat 3 courses, starter, main and dessert!

And we also have to count in the Mc Donald’s and Starbucks I frequently go to! I mean, I’m gold card at Starbucks

Not to forget that I also go to the gym in the evening! So I can easy eat all this!

But if you want to stay slim or loose with this is a diet I would recommend:

When it comes to exercising it’s most IMPORTANT TO HAVE DISCIPLINE!


make a weakly plan, even if you start working at 06.00, make a plan that you run or power walk 20 min before you get dressed for work! Have a small round you do in your neighborhood that takes about that time, and make it a habit that you MUST do it Monday to Friday! Even if it rains or snows – You need to get around that round!! It does not take a long time and if you get vet or cold you are quick home anyway!

Next after work, make one day running or power walking, up hill is even better, check out YouTube or Instagram and find out what muscles you want to train and use t to learn how to do it! So after work min one hour exercising!

If you have the possibility to go to a gym that’s super! Choose one day to have off from training, maybe Saturday or Sunday! And one of the days instead of getting up in the morning for your 20 min round you do a 2 hour workout, 30 to 50 min cardio and the rest of the time to do different exercises to build muscles!

AND STICK TO IT! It’s only 2 hours of your day, and it’s to improve yourself! So do it for your own good!

here is a meal plan I made for Francois. And it’s good for anyone who want to eat clean, loose weight and be healthy

if you are in school or have a office job, snack on a lot of cut up cucumbers, they have almost no calories and will fill you up so you stay away from the sweets! Drink a lot of water! On Wednesday’s and Saturday’s you can eat what you want (within reasons) so if you craving for a Ben n Jerry’s on Monday, write it down on your phone and buy it on Wednesday! By doing that it will calm your craving and you’ll make it to Wednesday without sugar!

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